Paula Bosco (1985, Argentina) is a visual artist and designer working mostly inside the textile universe. Paula specialised in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins School, University of the Arts London. She currently lives and works in London.
    Questioning the impact that the art industry has on the environment, she embraces a visual and meditative process that moves away from exploitative and extractive relationships with nature and prioritises connection, slower living and mindful action.

    Bosco works solely with organic materials and adopts ancient artisanal application methods including hand printing, painting, dyeing, sewing, embroidery and hand weaving. Her continuous and endless experimentation of botanical dyes and mineral pigments, results in a palette of colours which is quite subdued but yet reveals the unspoken energy and power held in the medium.

    Her works carry an intimate and honest relationship between the pigments and the raw textiles. Closely, each piece and surface is subtly raw in its textures, and its receded colours do not cause distraction from the material, its meaning, and its substance. The minimalism and rhythms of the compositions attempt to capture the sublime simplicity of everyday life and the poetic cycles of nature.




    “My art is an offering with the intention of bringing a quiet time for observation, reflection, deep communion with nature...

    “My art is an offering with the intention of bringing a quiet time for observation, reflection, deep communion with nature and connection with spirituality. I want to facilitate the viewer the attendance to their relationship with themselves and with the living Earth. By inviting the observer’s mind to a softer place and to return to the essence, I can connect with them in the emotional realm. From there, true feelings emerge and the mind becomes a space like a garden.

    I pursuit of themes of beauty, calmness and mindfulness, the value of the handmade. But above all, I want to stimulate the desire to practice deep respect of nature, and part of that respect comes with interaction and time. It is by engaging in connection with nature, we learn to value it and this is grounded in a deep connection to the self. With our spirit.

    My process is an intuitive and immersive ritual where I deepen my connection with the spiritual energy of nature, the senses and myself. I work in a meditative fashion and with the reciprocal interaction between intentioned methodology and total freedom. What comes into fruition -as a consequence- is art that can be safely put back into The Earth."





    Paula began her career as a Fashion Designer, being fashion the industry within which the artist developed a fascination for textiles and honed  screen printing, hand embroidery and textile manipulation techniques used in her current creative practice.  

    In 2017 she specialised in Textile Design at Central Saint Martins School, University of the Arts London. Throughout the years, Bosco's artistic practice has evolved and transitioned from working mainly digitally as a print designer to a continuous exploration of a wide range of textile manipulation, dyeing techniques, natural materials that would allow her to connect with a slow-living lifestyle and mindful action. 

    Paula Bosco Studio was founded in 2019. The project started with the artist growing awareness of the global character of ecological and social problems, concerning for the environmental consequences these could have and questioning of the functioning of the art system, in particular how the art industry has been inspiring society to think about sustainability and to make more conscious decisions when it comes to making and buying art. 

    In the light of this, artists as social actors have the potential to be able to offer alternatives to dominant paradigms and art as a vehicle of expression, a medium or an indictment to speak up and raise awareness on behalf of sustainable development. 

    As a keen researcher of the boundaries between art and design, and sustainability at its core, the studio focuses on textile art and printed textiles that resonate with contemporary culture whilst taking into consideration the life cycle of the works, considering the material burden of the pieces and the resources that are used in the creative process. The emphasis is not only on decreasing material waste and potential damage to ecosystems, but also on adopting and re-valuing ancient and traditional techniques that have been handed down to generations.

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    2023 |  Layers of Earth: Textured Visions - Duo Show, Sage Culture Gallery, LA.

    2023 | Group show - Offley Works Art Pop-Up, London

    2017 | Group show - Central Saint Martins School, University of the Arts London


    Artist Residencies

    2023 | Joya AiR Art and Ecology - Almeria, Spain



    2017 | Central Saint Martins School, University of the Arts London - Textile Design 

    2017 | School of Economic Sciences, National University of Córdoba - Posgraduate in Cultural Management

    2016 | School of Arts, National University of Córdoba - Foundation in Visual Arts

    2016 | Instituto de Diseño Aguas de la Cañada - Adobe Graphics

    2015 | Universidad Empresarial Siglo XXI - Posgraduate in Fashion Marketing and Communication

    2015 | Instituto de Diseño Aguas de la Cañada - Fashion Design and Patternmaking